We believe that GOOD design is easy - anyone can do it. GREAT design however, is what WE are interested in. GREAT design isn’t easy. GREAT design is really difficult. That’s what we do - the difficult bit - we just make it look easy.

How? We keep it simple.

You come to us because you need a designer so it’s only fair that you speak to one. From beginning-to-end, you meet and work with the designer dedicated to your project. It’s better that way because when contact is constant; ideas are exchanged, questions are answered, issues are raised, problems are shared, challenges are met, work is delivered, success is achieved and hard work is rewarded.

We do great work because we enjoy it. Every project, every e-mail and every conversation is shared with professionalism, good humour and friendliness in the hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do!

“Work Design provide us with a reliable and excellent service. No job is too much to ask and they always go the extra mile”

Laura West Sales & Marketing Team Leader, hello homes


Euan Webster


Having worked with a range of high profile clients including The National Bank of Dubai, Interflora and Morrisons, Euan is an experienced Designer. At Work Design, Euan uses all his know-how to actively involve his clients in the design process to create exciting and relevant design on a variety of projects.

Euan is especially known for his skill at producing innovative design for the automotive and transport sector. He is expert in considering the whole customer journey to create fresh and exciting branding identities and is now a key designer for our international clients FirstGroup, First Bus and First Trains.

Matt Tomlin


Matt founded Work Design in 2006 and has since enjoyed producing exceptional work for every one of his clients. Being as passionate about every detail as he is about the big idea, Matt views every project, large or small, as important as the next.

Paul Lawrence


As an accomplished and experienced Art worker, Paul makes a vital contribution to nearly every project here at Work Design. Whilst it is the graphic designers who often come up with the main creative concept, Paul ensures that their designs maintain integrity and reach their full potential.

Paul has an exceptional eye for detail, extensive Photoshop retouching skills, and know-how across all forms of media. He takes great pride in consistently producing high quality work and especially enjoys the challenge of meeting all deadlines and exceeding client’s expectations. 

Neil Garner


Neil has a real passion and flair for design. He consistently produces original and creative design for each and every project he is involved in.

Neil loves the variety of work that comes through our door of a studio like Work Design. On a day to day basis he helps to fulfil the graphic design requirements of the Marketing Team at Gala Bingo’s but also leads on a range of other projects such as the enormously successful pre-season ticket sales campaign with Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

Getting under the skin of an organization and using clever, creative design to solve their problem is what Neil does best.

Will Wong


Will deals with all things digital. So whether you require a new website, an e-commerce solution, a content management system, or would like to embark on a successful e-marketing campaign, Will has all the skills and resources to ensure your digital requirements are met.

Will thrives on creating online solutions which enable our clients to communicate effectively to their consumers. He works closely with clients, guiding them through the digital design process, ensuring their needs are fully understood for the best possible digital solution to be created.