Function Jigsaw


Function Jigsaw – a young, growing sports injury management specialist – had invested in a logo and website when they started up in 2014.

The team at Function Jigsaw grew quickly and their offer diversified. As a result their visual brand had became diluted and wasn’t working clearly for their customers.

We needed to help them develop a unifying visual brand to communicate their core services. Our challenge was to help appeal to both the world class athlete wanting to get the very best out of their personal performance and the dog walker struggling with a knee problem.


We developed the strapline ‘Better, Faster’ and turned the logo into a ‘target’ graphic that highlights how Function Jigsaw focus on treatment for injury and pain in any specific area across any sport and any activity.


Combined with strong black and white images of men and women across all sports, it communicates the nature of the service and presents a powerful visual brand to set them apart on the high street and in the industry.



“Our relationship with Work Design is still quite new but so far we have been extremely impressed with their creatively, commitment and care. Matt always goes the extra mile to help us achieve what we need. He has challenged, advised and managed each project to ensure we get the design that works for us. We love what they have done so far and so do the customers and that’s what really matters”.

 Julie Hayton / Managing Director


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