MasterChef Gift Card


It’s always an exciting challenge to work with a really well known brand. So we were delighted when we were asked to help develop a brand and the collateral for a new food gift card in partnership with MasterChef Gift Card.

After an initial meeting to fully understand the business offer, we were confident that we could deliver what was needed: strong design that would position this new concept as premium and luxurious and would work within the MasterChef brand guidelines.


We were asked to design the gift card and website to recruit ‘authorised retailers’ who will accept MasterChef gift cards as a form of payment. Both needed to have a premium feel that reflected both the brand values of MasterChef and appeal to artisan food producers and retailers from across the U.K. The entire success of the project depended on creating a visual identity that retailers and suppliers of luxurious, carefully crafted food and drink products and services would have confidence in and be happy to be associated with it.

Now up and running, the website is performing well and has already recruited more than 70 suppliers, and we’ve been asked to develop two further associated sites. Watch this space!

Work Design did a fantastic job for us with MasterChef Gift Card supplier recruitment website. When we saw the website for the first time, we were very excited. It was a difficult job because there was a large amount of detailed content to communicate on the website. Therefore, the design and layout were important in conveying the information simply. The Marvel Design App helped because the first few designs, whilst they were what we had asked for, did not turn out to be what we wanted after all, so we were able to workout what direction to take. In terms of service, Neil and Euan certainly went the extra mile to deliver, the outcome being a website that we are proud of, that also delivers results – we have recruited 70 suppliers to MasterChef Gift Card via the online sign up form (more that we intended to at the outset)
Jenny Goddard, Managing Director, MasterChef Gift Card

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