Ego Professional - Haircare Products
Ego Professional - Haircare Products
Ego Professional - Haircare Products

Ego Professional

Branding / Digital

Ego Professional is now a highly successful brand that brings innovative hair care tools and appliances to the hair care market.

However, it’s hasn’t always been this way. Back in 2008, when Ego Professional first started out, all they had was a name and a handful of hair care appliances. So following a recommendation from a PR agency that specialises in hair and beauty, Ego Professional asked us if we could create a brand identity for them. 

Ego Professional was born from a desire to create styling tools that are all about self-expression. They therefore wanted us to build a high end, visually appealing brand, which would reflect this ethos.

So we set about creating a luxury brand identity by first designing a simple but contemporary logo. We used premium materials to produce the packaging, which were then decorated with a modern pattern, made opulent through a foil embossed and spot varnished finish. To complete the look and create a consistent brand image we used sleek photography and sophisticated type faces for the website, promotional materials and user guide.

The end result was smart, stylish, luxurious brand, which has enabled Ego Professional to realise their dream of developing a respected name in professional hair styling sector. Although originally targeted at the professional market, the success of the Ego products and brand has allowed it to become more retail based and launch on the high street.

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