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Leicestershire Cricket T20 Billboard

Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Campaign Concept / Print

Leicestershire County Cricket Club is a prestigious name in T20 cricket. Since the new fast and frenetic format was introduced, the ‘Foxes’ have won the national competition three times.

However, following a tough few years, support at the club was beginning to fade. They needed to rejuvenate and reengage their supporters. So the club approached us with an important brief; to create a campaign that would inject some excitement and anticipation for the up and coming season and give the club and it supporters a real boost.

So using the clubs emblem for inspiration, we came up with the strap line “Foxes bite back” to illustrate the fight and determination the club has to succeed in the season ahead. 

The face of a fox also featured heavily in all our campaign materials. Whether it was for press ads, posters, bill boards, hanging banners or the social media produced for the on line marketing campaign, the foxes’ eyes came alive with menace making it clear the hunted was about to become the hunter.

The campaign has been hugely successful, with the club already achieving the biggest advance ticket sales than ever before. Over 5000 tickets have already been sold for the 2015 season, which just goes to show what good design can do.

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